For Pets


Golden Pet Rx is my favorite pharmacy. Their main focus is on pets, so they know that human formulations are not the best option for me. Just like my owners, when I’m sick I want to feel better ASAP.

It seems as if every time I see my mom or dad they are putting something yucky in my mouth, drops in my ears (which I shake out because I don’t understand) or sticky lotions on my skin. They get anxious and then I get nervous. It stresses both of us out. When I’m not feeling well I just want to cuddle, sleep, play, and get treats.

I don’t like getting a bad tasting medication when I’m expecting a treat. Golden Pet Rx offers many different flavors that are all hypo-allergenic. They cater to the most finicky palates and they know what I like.

Golden Pet Rx makes the medications my vet prescribes and sends them out right away or calls my owner for pick up. I don’t have to wait to start treatment and begin to feel better.


Personal Attention

Golden Pet Rx makes species-specific formulations so that their products appeal to dogs, cats, birds, exotics, and horses. Their pharmacists know what flavors work best with what medication, so they help my owner pick the right one. If I try a medication and I don’t like the flavor, I can get a different flavor at no charge. This makes both my owner and myself very happy.

Taking medications is FINALLY easy for me and my owner. They customize the flavored medication to taste good so I don’t give my owner a hard time. They have it ready in a timely manner so my owner can get them quickly, that way I can feel better faster.