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Golden Pet Rx provides pet owners with the relief of helping them find the best way to medicate their pets with ease and consistency, so that compliance doesn’t get in the way of good therapeutic outcomes.

We have pets too and we know that it is not always easy to give our furry, scaly, feathered, or hoofed friends medications multiple times a day. This is why we provide several customizable compounded dosage forms and flavor options to ensure that you are satisfied.

Your pets are special. Their medication should be, too.

Pets are members of the family, and you want them to have medical treatment that’s as attentive and innovative as you expect for yourself. Today’s veterinarians understand this, and many rely on compounding as one way to deliver this advanced level of care. Consider how hard it is to get your cat to swallow a pill, and you’ll start to understand the advantages of compounding for pets.

Just like their owners, pets are unique.

They come in all shapes and sizes. A compounding pharmacist can work closely with your vet to prepare medicines in easy-to-give, flavored dosage forms that pets of all kinds will happily devour.

Make medicine time a treat.

A caring health care provider working closely with a compounding pharmacist can help make medication administration easier for both you and your pet. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist about compounded medications today.