Otitis Media Treatment Process

Thermaverse® Information & Instructions

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Important to Read Before Starting Treatment

  • Your pet may experience temporary balance difficulties which should subside within a few hours.
  • Your pet may experience temporary hearing loss during the course of treatment. This is common due to the presence of gel inside the ear canal.
  • Should your pet’s ear become inflamed or experience significant discomfort beyond temporarily scratching at ears until they adjust to treatment, please contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Thermaverse gel is easily removed with a water or otic flush.
  • Thermaverse should be applied every 5-7 days depending on the infection type and the prescribed duration. If a vet is not instilling Thermaverse, it is recommended to follow-up with your vet halfway through treatment for a proper evaluation.
  • Please fill out Questionnaire and email, fax, or text back to us. Attach a copy of a Culture & Sensitivity report with questionnaire, if possible.

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Store syringe(s) at ROOM temperature. Place syringe(s) laying flat in Refrigerator for 15 Minutes Before Use.

How to Instill Thermaverse®️ Into Pet’s Ear:

  1. Before every treatment clean/flush your pet’s ear out with your pet's go to ear flush (call us with questions), then follow the instructions below.
  2. Remove the safety cover from the syringe tip and put on the applicator tip. Do not discard safety cover.
  3. Hold the end of your pet’s ear up and away from the head, so that you can see into the ear canal.
  4. Place applicator tip into the opening of the ear canal. Do NOT push the applicator tip deep into the ear canal.
  5. Push down on syringe plunger until the ear canal is full. Syringe may contain extra medication as pets’ ears vary in size.
  6. Hold your pet’s head steady for 3-5 seconds until the liquid medication turns into a gel. Do NOT rub pet’s ear after (only rub ear when administering the flush).
  7. Remove applicator tip and rinse before next use. Place safety cover back on the syringe tip.

1-4 weeks.png

Canine Otitis Media Before & After THERMAVERSE® Treatment

One of our patient’s suffers from recurring ear infections so his owner got him started on a compound we offer that takes care of ear infections. It’s a thermal reversible gel called Thermaverse®.

Notice how after one week of treatment, the dog’s ear looks much better and seems like the infection is gone but, there is still bacteria in the horizontal portion that you CAN’T see.

Enter Thermaverse. Our Thermaverse fills the ear canal including the horizontal portion that the drops don’t reach.

The drops might seem to have solved it and the infection looks healed due to the outer ear looking nice and the smell being gone but once you stop using the drops after a few weeks, the bacteria in the portion the drops didn’t reach proliferate and refill the ear canal. Therefore your dog keeps struggling with recurring ear infections.

Golden Pet Rx Thermaverse Ear Model.png

Our easy to administer compound works amazing and is only applied once a week for 4-6 weeks depending on how bad the infection is. The gel is in constant contact with the infection which allows it to be very effective. Whatever bacteria or fungus is there and no matter how raw, inflamed or infected it is, our compound WILL get rid of it.

We like to make your life easier when you need to give the medication that your pets need to make them better.

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